Nezami Health Center

Nezami Centre for natural treatments located at kanhangad. Kasaragod district on gods own country kerala. Nezami Centre  blends deep ayurvedic –unani-holistic. Insights with traditional at skill to provide a complete range of health & beauty treatments strictly conforming to the traditional practice based on preventive, curative, rejuvenative, refreshing, therapies for better healthy tomorrows . Aesthetically designed treatment rooms with all amenities stimulate the inmate to re-discovers life in its entirety. The primary object of nezami centre is to drive all good aspects from old tradition and to build a healthy society than to be merely a treatment centre…




admin-ajaxPanchakarma means ‘Five’ and Karma means ‘Action’. This five fold purification aims at correcting the imbalance of the  Vatta, Pitta……

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Hijama Therapy

ayur-icon Hijama also known as cupping therapy. It is a safe,non-  invasive and economical way of curing and preventing many diseases.It is now being …..

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Agni & Kshara karma


Agni karma is an important para -surgical measure extensively practiced in ayurveda. Its comes under shalya tantra.Its simple, ambulatory….

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Heat Therapy

ayur-iconHeat Therapy, also called thermo therapy while the overall qualities of warmth and heat have long been associated with comfort …..           

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Sujok & Reflexology

ayur-iconSujok ,the alternative healing method is simple, easy and produces effective results. This therapy is 100%  safe can …….        

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ayur-iconAcupuncture originates from china and has been practiced there for thousand of years. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin…..

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